Toy Story

I have on several occasions on this blog mentioned Sean’s interest in empty boxes and how he prefers them to his toys. We have now taken this to a new level. He now climbs in the box and sits himself down where I drag him across the floor. Oh the giggles! This is now our favourite game. He is not very light bless him so it is rather hard pulling the box with him in it, especially since he wants doing it over and over again, but I look on the bright side and consider it as my exercise for the day. Win win.

Yesterday he grabbed the spoon I was feeding him with and started playing with it… for approximately half an hour! A spoon! Anything that entertains him for more than 2 minutes is a miracle and yesterday spoon was it. Sometimes it is the remote control but more often than not it is our mobile phones. We often wonder why we bothered to buy him so many toys and more so why do we still bother buying him toys. But we do and we will keep doing so in the hope that one day he will grab that toy train and play with it for more than 2 minutes. Will we see the day?

A real poo week!

Today has been a difficult day. Sean is not feeling particularly well. He has diarrhea and occasionaly throws up, doesn’t eat anything and wants to be held all the time.

It all started on Monday. The day began like any other day with weetabix and banana breakfast at 7 am. Then he had his milk at around 10 and went for his nap. At about 11.30 he woke up. He wasn’t quite himself. He was wingy and wanted me to hold him all the time. I put him down for 5 minutes to get his changing mat to change him while he was still pulling on my trousers trying to climb on me. I then held him. That is when it all happened. He was sick all over my shoulder and back. It was like I have never seen before. I don’t want to draw a disgusting picture in your heads but it was like a waterfall. He had been sick before when he was a baby but they were little milk sicks and was never like this. This was proper vomiting. I was terrified. Being a first time mum and not having seen Sean be this sick before I panicked. He had a bit of a loose poo earlier so I already started writing stories in my head. I called the doctors and made an appointment. Then called my husband in panic telling him to come home and that we need to take Sean to doctors. But as usual Sean was fine when daddy came home. He ran to him as soon as walked through the door, all smiles and everything. This of course was followed by “what sick child?” look. He was fine afterwards. I made sure he had plenty of water that day.

The mild diarrhea continued but he wasn’t being sick. He was running around as usual and looked ok in general. This was until we went to his nanny’s yesterday afternoon. I tried to give him his dinner, he didn’t want it. Normally I am obsessed with his eating. I want to make sure he eats well and lots. But this time I didn’t insist. I offered him some banana instead and he ate it. Half way through the banana he was sick again. All over me and all over nanny’s kitchen floor. He was scared too, bless him. Didn’t know what was happening. We cleaned him up and off we went home to get him to bed.

So far he hasn’t been sick again but the diarrhea still continues. You won’t believe the noises and smells coming from my little angel’s tiny little bum. I am giving him plenty of water which he is happily drinking. He still isn’t eating too well but I guess that is expected. He wants to be held all the time so we have lots of cuddles. Tomorrow we will see the doctors and hopefully he will be back to normal in no time. Fingers cross.

Kiss Kiss Kiss

I once read somewhere that “There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.” It is true. Every mother thinks their baby is the cutest and I am not denying I am one of those mothers. I am not afraid to show it too. Even to Sean by kissing him a hundred times a day. He is very kissable. His grandmother and aunty will tell you too as they kiss him hundred times when we are together. Sean gives me a kiss too sometimes when he feels like it and it is the sweetest thing. He opens his mouth and leans in, then it is your responsibility to align and get the kiss. He can’t do everything you know! Everybody Sean met in Turkey must have kissed him at least once. Because that’s what we do. When we see a baby we kiss directly no matter whose baby he/she is.

I remember one time when I even chased my friend’s little boy around the kitchen to get a kiss. Generally we are very hands on anyway. Or as my husband calls it “different”! We are touchy when we talk, we hug when we meet (not the people we meet for the first time, we are not that weird!). When tourists come to Turkey with their babies, we want to kiss them too and often scare them with this rather forward approach. It is different in England though, there are friends or family here that haven’t kissed Sean. Except daddy, nanny and grandad of course as they can’t get enough of him either.

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying everybody should kiss Sean and I am sure everybody kisses their own child. Maybe not hundred times a day like I do or maybe they do I don’t know. It is a bit different when it comes to kissing other people’s babies I guess. It is just us Turkish people, it is out in the open we just have to kiss babies.

Do you kiss babies or just yours? And how do you feel about others kissing your baby?

Benefits of having children close in age

Here is a guest post by The Real SuperMum where she shares her experience of having children close in age. She is a hero and I am very thankful that she agreed to be a guest on my blog. Enjoy…

I often receive a shocked response when I state the ages of my children, the children are aged 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, and 13. I guess you are now thinking wow she’s very keen or completely nuts, I will go with the latter.

Having 3 children under 4 can be very rewarding and the positives easily outweigh the stressfulness. All 3 of the children were planned so close together and I have to say I find it easier to have a close age gap than I do a few years apart. I do have an 11 month age gap with 2 of my elder children so I knew what to expect, we just added an extra. I can somewhat relate to an elephant as I was pregnant for almost 3 years.

 The benefits of having children close in age;

  • The dirty nappies, the sleepless nights and the temper tantrums etc are all over with together and you become an expert in these areas so they become easier to deal with, rather than getting back to some normality to have to start all over again.
  • The children are close in milestones and abilities so 1 activity will happily keep them entertained, rather than having to meet individual social needs.
  • They have close bonds, they can entertain each-other and they all play with the same age range of toys
  • The savings are great as you can pass down clothing and baby items and they are all still in fashion.
  • When one starts nursery there is already a sibling there
  • They teach each-other in many ways, the younger siblings want to learn to walk, talk and run much faster than normal due to wanting to keep up with the others.

It can be difficult, the worst has to be when they demand my attention at the same time, they do not understand yet that they have to share  toys let alone their mummy and when they want something it has to be now, wait a moment is not in their vocabulary.

There are some days when all 3 of them are bickering, tired and snatching toys or trying to grab at each-other and I stand looking over them thinking am I insane for doing this? Then they will all come and hug me and say “Love you mummy” and I know its all worthwhile.

If I were to have another child, I would be tempted to have another straight after, so it can’t be all that bad.

The younger 3 children have more in common than what my 9 year old daughter and 13 year old daughter does, just 4 years in age apart separates them so much, they both enjoy different activities and no longer share the same age development . While my 13 year old discusses boys on her mobile with friends, my 9 year old is sat reading Bambi while snuggling into her favourite teddy bear. My 9 year old daughter has more in common with her 8 year old brother, due to the close age gap, despite him being a boy.

I do hope that the children will continue to be close and develop their own individual personalities yet will always be there for each other as they are now.

The Real Supermum is a mum to 6 and runs a support network for mums who have suffered troubled pasts, she also blogs in the hope of ensuring no other women ever has to feel alone and frightened as she once did. You can read her open and honest blog to find out more; The Real Supermum Blog.”