Toy Story

I have on several occasions on this blog mentioned Sean’s interest in empty boxes and how he prefers them to his toys. We have now taken this to a new level. He now climbs in the box and sits himself down where I drag him across the floor. Oh the giggles! This is now our favourite game. He is not very light bless him so it is rather hard pulling the box with him in it, especially since he wants doing it over and over again, but I look on the bright side and consider it as my exercise for the day. Win win.

Yesterday he grabbed the spoon I was feeding him with and started playing with it… for approximately half an hour! A spoon! Anything that entertains him for more than 2 minutes is a miracle and yesterday spoon was it. Sometimes it is the remote control but more often than not it is our mobile phones. We often wonder why we bothered to buy him so many toys and more so why do we still bother buying him toys. But we do and we will keep doing so in the hope that one day he will grab that toy train and play with it for more than 2 minutes. Will we see the day?

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2 thoughts on “Toy Story

  1. My two used to love being dragged.around the room in boxes and my Mr still lets them sit in the washing basket and flys them around the room :)

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