Playgroup – What to do, What not to do?

Me and Sean started going to a toddlers playgroup since he turned one. Since I work during the day and work from home I look after Sean and work at the same time which means he doesn’t get to do many activities. Apart from seeing friends every now and then this new playgroup is the only thing we do regularly. He loves it. He gets to play with different toys and make friends and usually run around.

This is my first time at a playgroup as well so I didn’t know what to expect. Should I be letting Sean do his thing and me just sit down and watch? All the other mums, probably having been going for a time now, know each other so they were chatting away while their kids were playing and running around. The playgroup is for children from age 1 to preschool so most kids there are older than Sean so they don’t need continous watching. They also play with toys nicely and enjoy themselves. So does Sean to be honest. Not his mum though. I can’t help but run after him all the time.

Last week they had some paint and paper on a table and some sort of paste on another table with small toothbrushes and mini spatulas. Sean approached the paint table with caution at first but once he figured out what it is and what he can do he loved it. He even painted his first masterpiece!

However this wasn’t an easy process. First he grabed a brush and painted on another girl’s painting (who was older than Sean) who then cried “it is ruined!” :( I apologized to her and her mum but of course Sean couldn’t care less. He then wanted to taste the paint so I had to grab the brushes in his hand but he wouldn’t let go. Needles to say that by this time his hands and face, and my hands and arms were covered in paint. Afterwards he decided to run around with the brushes and paint other toys, tables and cupboards. Of course me trying to stop him from doing that ended up in screams. After all the struggle he decided he had enough of the paint and moved on to the next table with the white paste on. He grabed a mini spatula and started playing with it. I then took a seat a bit further away but close enough to interfere if needed and started watching him. One of the mums there said to me “Calm down, relax, just let him play” and that’s when I realized how tense I was. I really needed to chill but I couldn’t possibly let Sean eat paint or paint other kids. But I guess the more stressed I got the more tense I must have made Sean and I couldn’t bare the thought of him not enjoying this because of me. I then sat down and let him get on with it and he was fine. So as of next week this momma’s gonna chill baby. I may even try to join in other mums’ conversations. Who knows?

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