The dummy; a saviour for most mums. It is the ultimate baby crying stopper. It has been around for centuries and it helps soothe and calm babies. Not in our household! We tried giving Sean a dummy when he was a new born but he didn’t want it. We would put it in his mouth and he would spit it out. We thought it was because when he sucked on it nothing was coming out and he was used to mummy’s boobies or the bottle and therefore this was different. He would not be fooled.

Read more on http://www.wrigglyrascals.com/blog/2012/06/dummy/ and please take the survey on http://tiny.cc/wriggly62c to help another mum.

About Wriggly Rascals Wriggly Rascals was set up by Shona Motherwell, a frustrated mum of twins Mhairi and Archie to get mums together to share pregnancy, baby and toddler advice via quick surveys to get the facts about what other mums do. Our mums pass on loads of great tips to mums who have asked for help. If you would like some advice, get in touch at www.wrigglyrascals.com

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