First words…

We are about to hit the next milestone with Sean. He has recenty started saying odd words here and there and both me and daddy are super excited. He has been saying “daddy” for quite sometime now actually. When Sean hears daddy come through the door he runs to him shouting “daddy”! Of course this makes Barry the happiest man on earth. As happy as I am that Sean is saying his first word it makes me a tiny little bit jealous. Firstly because he didn’t say “mummy” first and secondly because his first word isn’t Turkish. I wrote about how Sean hopefully will be a bilingual child here. So it means I lose the first word battle.

Not only that but the other day he repeated daddy and said “yes”, “dog” and “duck”. We are yet to hear them again but he said it then so that is good enough for us. He is trying bless him. We also have the famous “waw waw” which stands for dog. All in all his English¬†vocabulary is growing and we are very proud.

After many attempts of trying to get him to say “mummy” in Turkish I think he is saying one syllable of it which I am very grateful for. My attempts are continuing on a¬†daily basis. I feel it. It is very close. He will very soon say “mummy”. I warn you though, I may cry.

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