This baby has a character!

Although it feels like I had him since I was born, Sean is now 10 months old. In these 10 months we got to know our bundle of joy. He is a character. He already has likes and dislikes, preferences, things that make him angry etc. We will have some trouble controlling him in the future I guess

He likes milk and banana, he dislikes cold food (like father like son) and shoes. He will do anything to get them shoes off. He is a free spirit :) He likes music. He prefers baby tv to disney junior :) Bibs make him angry, he will do anything to get them off too. Of course then we have to change tops every 5 minutes because he dribbles for England. One of the perks of teething.

We also learned that when he is silent that’s when you should pay attention. It isn’t a good sign. It means he is either pooping or doing something he shouldn’t. :) I would love to be able to say that my child would sit quietly and play with his toys. No way, that doesn’t happen in our house. But my mum says, I was just like that too. She also says ‘payback time’! From time to time he would go quiet and unfortunately that doesn’t mean he is being a good boy. In the contrary, it means he is either ripping my papers, trying to climb on something or making a smelly mess in his nappy.

He likes the weather girl on Sky news! I think he may have his first crush :) You should see him run (well crawl) to the telly when she comes on. It is very funny. I am very proud to say he prefers my cooking to jar food and I am not just saying that :) He doesn’t like water unfortunately and I have tried so much for him to drink some but no he wouldn’t have it. I am scared the boy will dry out. Health visitor said not to worry so we will wait a bit longer to try again.

He likes being carried and absolutely hates sitting in his pushchair. Sometimes I think we bought the damn thing for nothing. He will sit in it for 10-15 minutes, maybe 20 if i am lucky but then he will want out and he will not stop till he is. Me and Barry have free workout thanks to him. We have arms like bodybuilders as his highness is not very light! :)

I am sure there will be many more to come and we simply cannot wait to find out more about him as time goes. We are so lucky!

Now… I’m curious… Is it just him or are these normal? Tell me your babies characters.