Baby Proof

As you may or may not know Sean is walking. And he is getting pretty good at it too. As he is growing so quickly, I am required to be more vigilent at the same rate. They are directly proportional. He can now reach worktops and tables and it is getting more dangerous. He also will not pass the opportunity to grab and pull anything he can get hold of.

We of course did the sensible thing like any other parent would do and baby proofed the house. All cupboards in the kitchen now have baby locks, stair gates are up and anything that can pose danger to him is being put out of his reach. This also means;

- We can’t have table cloths. What is the point? He will pull it and it will end up on the floor like everything else.

- All my files in my office (I work from home for those who don’t know) now reside on the floor and the rubbish bin made home on top of the spare bed.

- We can’t have a rug on the kitchen floor.  I would like a nice rug on the kitchen floor so it wouldn’t look so bare but his highness would pull it all the way to the hallway or where ever he can and it wouldn’t stay on the kitchen floor anyway.

- We can’t leave the tv remote control unattended or we find various weird programmes recorded on sky+.

- We can’t leave our mobile phones within easy reach of Sean or he grabs them and calls random people or surfs the net! So if you receive a weird phone call where all you hear is dadadadada remember this.

- We can’t leave keys within easy reach of him as we may end up looking for car keys when we are in a rush and find it at the bottom of his toy box.

- We can’t leave magazines or books laying about as he will grab them and tear them up. Same goes for any discount coupons, my poor £5 off voucher :(

From now on Sean decides how we live. Mostly in a funny way, sometimes difficult but always a pleasure.