Play time

As you may have all noticed (!) we are living summer like days lately here in the UK. As unusual as it may be that doesn’t stop us from trying to make the most of it as we all know it is not going to last. So hopefully everybody had at least one bbq and one trip to the seaside.

We didn’t get to do either of them yet unfortunately but we did get lots of playtime with Sean in the park. We have been taking advantage of the nice weather by taking regular trips to the park almost every afternoon. Sean is now at an age where he appreciates his surroundings more. Like the park. When I took him to the park the first time he was 5 months old, and of course he didn’t know what it all was. But now, especially now that he can walk and almost run he loves it. He runs around and tries to get on the swings and the slide. He still doesn’t get it completely bless him (see exhibit A) but you gotta love him for trying.

Exhibit A

The other day he even played with a small football; he’s even starting to kick it about. We are lucky that the park is very close to where we live and it is literally a 5 minute walk away. So we take a short walk to the park, run around and then walk back home.

Next week is the Easter holiday here and we get a 4 day weekend. Look forward to lots of play time with Sean and he will also get lots of daddy time too. I haven’t checked the weather forecast yet but hopefully it will be nice or at least dry so we can do lots of outdoor activities.